Orte und Gruppen vergessener NS-Opfer
Denkmal, Gedenktafel
Unerschlossener Ort
Sowjetische Kriegsgefangene
Patienten psychiatrischer Anstalten
Jüdische Bevölkerung*

* in den besetzten Gebieten

Transit camp and execution site in Moglino village

Dieser Text ist leider noch nicht ins Deutsche übersetzt. 
Today, some of the camp’s building basements have remained: administrative buildings, barracks for security guards and barracks for prisoners. 
Now the camp territory is a part of the Special economic zone. 

There is the memorial plaque on the right hand side 8 km from Pskov along the Pskov-Riga highway 

The remnants of camp are currently a part of the private properties, so the landowner is responsible for them. In December 2016, the territory of the Moglino camp was put under the state protection, and given a status of the ‘memory site’. The public oversight is performed by the public non-profit organization “True History Trust”

Y. Alexeev “The Moglino Camp: a history of one little death factory (1941-1944)”. Publisher: Trust “Historical Memory”, 2011. The book is based on the investigations held by KGB in 1960-70s against war criminals who had guarded the camp.


A documentary about Moglino camp: “No Statute of Limitations” ("Без срока давности") (2014)