Anyone can contribute to the development of our platform. If you want to help us, here are some tips on how to do it:

1.  Add a new site of memory

Terra Oblita is an open platform, so everyone can contribute to its development. You can add new sites of memory or correct the locations of previously added spots. 

2. Edit information

If you noticed that some information presented on our website is incorrect, please let us know. We welcome your experience and knowledge!

3. Upload additional materials

Do you know any site of memory or victim category that are not mentioned? Feel free to tell us! We would be grateful for any additional information and literature. It will enrich our platform and make it even more demonstrative and full. 

4. Submit news about upcoming conferences and events

Our aim is to attract attention to the ‘forgotten victims’ of national-socialism in Germany, Russia and Ukraine. If you know any upcoming events dedicated to the ‘forgotten victims’ of national socialism, feel free to inform us, so we can announce it on our website.