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A commemorative plaque commemorating 11,000 executed Jews in October 1941

For the first time, Nazy broke into the territory of Dnipropetrovsk region on 12 of August and captured Verhivtseve village. Pyatikhatky, Kryvyi Rig and Nickopole were captured on 13,15 and 17 of August accordingly. On 19 of August first artillery fire was carried out ; on 25 of August city of Dnipropetrovsk was occupied by Nazi after violent/furious defense. 

Germans , occupied city and region completely, until October 1941 started establishment of their orders and carrying out of repressions. When occupants captured the city, they destroyed above 30.000 prisoners of war and almost so much peaceful citizens. Almost all industrial enterprises were destructed  , above 40 % of Housing Fund  were destroyed, parks and squares were burnt. Later , Dnipropetrovsk became center one of six districts of Reichscommissariat Ukraine. 

By the directive of SD commander major W. won Mulde, field commander colonel von Alberti and municipal commandant major of cavalry von Gendelman , 11.000 peaceful residents of the city , among them old-age people, women and children , were collected near the CUS ( Central Universal Shop – shopping center in central part of the Dnipro) on K. Marx avenue with valuable belonging.

With collected inhabitants Nazi occupants took-off all belonging, then citizens assumed formation in 800-1000 person and under convoy of reinforced escort directed to ravine at the territory of …..   in opposite of Transport Institute ( city Dnipro, Bronetankova street , 1a) , where all of them during 13 and 14 of October 1941 were shooted or lived threw down in ravine, which depth was 13-20 m.

      Information about monument : Memorial board is placed on building of CUS on the first floor level. It made from granite and in the form of scroll of Torah. There is an inscription , which tells us about tragic history of this place:» 11.000 people … women , old, children … went from this place in October of 1941 to eternity on the Death Road. Their only guilt was , that they were Jewish. Their memory is blessed. «  Solemn opening of memorial board happened on 28 of October 2010. Authors of sculptural composition are A. Fridkis and R. Shytikov.

Dnipro, D. Yavornitskogo avenue ( earlier, C. Marx avenue, 72). 

Additional information you can find here (in Ukrainian and Russian):

6.     Holocaust in Dnipropetrvosk / E. A. Vradyi , V. G. Rybalka, M. V. Strilchuk, D. V. Shatalov; total editor I. Schupak . Dnipro: Ukrainian Institute of Holocaust study « Tkuma», LIRA,2017. 256 p.

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