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Soviet prisoners of war work crew of the Francke Werke in the Duckwitz street

History of the camp

The site of the former work crew of Francke Werke in Bremer Neustadt is located directly on the River Ochtum on the site of the former municipal garbage dump. In the north of the area, a storey embossing plant was erected in 1941. For this purpose, a Soviet prisoners of war work crew was set up, the detachment with the number 5840 of Stalag XC Nienburg. Between 60 and 320 prisoners were interned in the camp. There is only little information on camp life, so the poor food situation of the prisoners is discussed. At least 13 prisoners died in the course of their work. At the same time, from the end of 1941 to February 1942, another work crew, number 5806, was also housed from the Stalag XC Nienburg on the premises of the Stalag XC Nienburg, with up to 50 prisoners working at the municipal garbage dump. A third work detachment (number 161 from Stalag X D (310) Wietzendorf) was also located a few hundred meters away in Duckwitz street.

Post-war use

In the 1950s, the areas of the former factory and the garbage dump were converted into an industrial park. A laundry was built on parts of the site, which also included a villa - the Oelkers Villa. The history of this place as a camp for Soviet prisoners of war was forgotten.

At the beginning of the 2000s, the now insolvent laundry was closed and liquidated. Since then the buildings have been empty.

The history of the camp for Soviet prisoners of war in Duckwitz  street  only became known to a wider public again in 2014 thanks to an exhibition on camps and places of work of Soviet prisoners of war in the city of Bremen. The area continued to be an industrial estate but was not used. Finally, applications were made to set up a brothel on the site in Duckwitz street. Local initiatives as well as the advisory boards resisted this plan. The history of the village was also mentioned in order to prevent its conversion. Nevertheless, the brothel was finally approved by the authorities, since the area is registered as a business park and prostitution is legalized as a business in Germany. 

In May 2018, the advisory board of the Bremen-Neustadt district decided to erect a memorial stone and in April 2019 approved funds for the erection of a memorial plaque.
Today's condition (June 2019)
The building is currently under reconstruction and the erection of a commemorative plaque is planned. 
The 1950s villa stands on an overgrown plot of land that meets the Ochtum River. Behind the Ochtum are the houses of the Grolland district. To the front of the building runs the B6, one of the busiest federal highways in Bremen. The rear façade borders on an overgrown plot of land, behind which former small, flat commercial buildings can be found. The front side was directed towards the industrial park, where there is a shop today. 

For many years, the building had a yellowish color, which still originated from the time of the laundry.  The house was painted grey during the conversion work. In addition, various wooden screens were erected around the building.

The location of the memorial plaque is still unclear. It would be possible to place the memorial directly on the cycle and footpath that runs along the Ochtum. The design of the commemorative plaque could be adapted to the appearance of other plaques in the Neustadt area.
The area at Duckwitz street 69 is easy to reach. On the one hand, the tram runs not far away, the main road is directly on the site, the large Parking areas Grolland are within walking distance. 
The property itself is not accessible, in few weeks the brothel will open on the area, this makes a visit on the property impossible. Next to the property, however, there are public areas that can be visited. 
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