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Place of the execution of captured Red Army soldiers on the 23rd line

In this place the shooting of captured Red Army soldiers took place. 

The incident happened in Rostov-on-Don when the city was occupied by Wehrmacht and its allies on November 21, 1941. This was the period of the first occupation of Rostov, which lasted until November 28, 1941. Soviet troops under the command of Marshal S. K. Timoshenko launched a counterattack and fought off the city. Although the occupation lasted only for a week, Nazis left significant number of victims. 

Judging by the captain of the Red Army S. Kochetov’s report, 35 prisoners of war (POWs) were executed near the Academic Youth Theater. 

According to recollections of people suffered from occupation, the executions were carried out by the SS battalions, in particular, the SS troops of the “Leibstandard Adolf Hitler” division.

A small park area is located on the territory of the Rostov Youth Theater. In this place the building of the Rostov Academic Youth Theater is situated. It was used for theater performances before (since 1899) and after the war. There is nothing that reminds of the mass murder of soviet POWs today.
The exact place of execution -- the intersection of streets Liberty sq. and the 23rd line. Entrance is open to everybody.
The initiator of the establishment of a memorial symbol “khachkar” (stone-cross) to this place is George Bagdykov. He has repeatedly appealed to the local media with his initiative but hasn’t achieved anything up until now.
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