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Transit camp and execution site in Moglino village

After the occupation of Pskov Oblast in 1941 a Nazi transit camp was established near Moglino village. The camp was directly administered by Pskov branch of Estonian security service and SD since 1942 and ruled by a German man whose surname was Kaiser. At first, the main prisoners of Moglino camp were Soviet POWs, although afterwards it was used for incarceration of Roma, Jews, as well as citizens accused for criminal offences and suspected of helping Soviet partisans and clandestine groups. 300-600 people could be kept inside the camp as the same time. Camp prisoners were either sent to to Germany as forced laborers, moved to the Salaspils death camp (Lithuania) or executed directly on the spot without any trial. Men, women and children were put on the edge of the war trench, shot dead and buried inside the same trench. According to the Extraordinary State Commission, there were 10 burial pits with the size of 5000 square kilometers in total. The camp itself was in a shape of a rectangle and was lying along the road. The length of the camp was approximately 150-200 meters, while his width was around 100-120 meters. 
Today, some of the camp’s building basements have remained: administrative buildings, barracks for security guards and barracks for prisoners. 
Now the camp territory is a part of the Special economic zone. 

There is the memorial plaque on the right hand side 8 km from Pskov along the Pskov-Riga highway 

The remnants of camp are currently a part of the private properties, so the landowner is responsible for them. In December 2016, the territory of the Moglino camp was put under the state protection, and given a status of the ‘memory site’. The public oversight is performed by the public non-profit organization “True History Trust”

Y. Alexeev “The Moglino Camp: a history of one little death factory (1941-1944)”. Publisher: Trust “Historical Memory”, 2011. The book is based on the investigations held by KGB in 1960-70s against war criminals who had guarded the camp. 

A documentary about Moglino camp: “No Statute of Limitations” ("Без срока давности") (2014)

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