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Prison camp for Soviet POWs ‘Stalag 372’

The prison camp for Soviet POWs ‘Stalag 372’ was located here, in the former stables of cavalry corps, from September 1941 to February 1944 (according to other sources, to December 1943). According to the Extraordinary State Commission materials dated April 1945, 75 thousands of Soviet POWs died here.
The camp is located in the town of Pskov. Most of the camp territory is currently built up with residential buildings. Some remains were reburied after the news of the residential buildings construction. Today, one can spot the basement of one of the barracks and the assumed burial place. There is also a memorial plaque installed nearby.
Pskov, Yubileinaya st, between the houses №30 and №32A.
The stalag territory is currently part of the lands owned by the Ministry of Defence
The public oversight is performed by the public non-profit organization “True History Trust”
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