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Mass executions and burial site in lard melting factory and tannery in Androhnovo village

Executions and mass burials were mostly taking place around Androhnovo village close to fat melting factory, tannery and leather stock, as well as in a forest along the country road and near the village edge. Moreover, there is information about a POW (and subsequently civilian) camp in the tannery. During the Nazi occupation many civilians from the Pskov prison were shot here. According to the Extraordinary State Commission, around 3000 victims are buried here.
The burial site is located around the Berezka train station, close to Lugovaya street and Androhnovo village. There is a memorial plaque: “Here, on the territory of the fat melting factory and tannery, 2500 Soviet POWs and civilians were shot and tortured to death during  the  Great Patriotic War from 1941 to 1944”. Other plaque says: “For young patriots Anatoliy and Valeriy Molotkov who were executed by fascists in 1943, from Pskov schoolchildren”.
Androhnovo village, Berezka train station (Pskov Oblast). Free admission
The territory is currently under long-term lease by a commercial organisation. The public oversight is performed by the public non-profit organization “True History Trust”
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