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Mass burial of jews shot in March 1942, the town of Pochep

In 1941 the town of Pochep was occupied by the Wehrmacht units. Local Jews have been kept in a ghetto in ‘Polyana’, one of Pochep’s neighborhoods, since fall 1941. In March 1942, 1800 Jews were executed in the anti-tank moat in the south part of the town. 
After 1945, a memorial with inscriptions on Hebrew was installed on the place of mass burial.  В П. род.: M.I. Blunter, I.G. Guterman, A.B. Pevzner, S.D. Persov, I.S. Belyakova (1905–1996) - painter, exhibited since 1936.
Mass grave of approximately 60 meters. Memorial with inscriptions on Hebrew and plaques with the victims’ names.
Pochep (Bryansk Oblast), 200 meters from Bryansk-Gomel highway. Free admission. Tours are not provided.
Pochep area administration is officially responsible for the memorial
Rechitskaya public school has been taking care of the monument since 2007. 
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