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The murder of Jews in the township Ivanopol

In May 1942, German units murdered more than 800 Jewish children, women, and men from Yanushpol (from 1946 – Ivanopil) and neighbouring localities on the outskirts of the village – because they were Jews. Jewish life in Yanushpol was eradicated.

In May 1942 the police, together with a number of Germans, captured a group of travelling Roma, most of them women and children, as well as some elderly men. Their four or five wagons were on the outskirts of the village of Molochky. The Roma were taken to Yanushpol where they were held in prison for several days. At the beginning of June, a few days after the murder of the Jews, the Roma were taken, crying and screaming, to the sugar factory and shot.

Soviet prisoners of war as well as suspected and actual political opponents of the German occupation were also murdered in Yanushpol.
The information stele oft the project „Protecting Memory“ is dedicated to the victims of the German occupation in Yanushpol.
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